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My name is Asiyah Ball, and I am the founder of Covered Girl Chronicles. I am also a  second year undergraduate student double majoring in International Affairs and Anthropology and minoring in Arabic at The George Washington University. 


The idea of Covered Girl Chronicles developed from a personal interest project (PIP) during my junior year in high school. I was tasked with identifying a need and creating a solution. For me, the identified issues were the misrepresentation of modest fashion and the role or lack thereof Muslim women played in fashion. In addition to this, I was also concerned about how very few Black Muslim womxn were represented within this industry. Where were the influencers, designers, and models who looked like me, and why was the narrative that Muslim womxn could not be fashionable a perpetuated narrative?

Covered Girl Chronicles was thought of, developed, and designed first as a brand and now as a blog and business as a way to not only disrupt and reshape the narrative around modest fashion but also provide a space where Black Muslim womxn are highlighted, celebrated, and motivated. Muslim womxn can be and are trendy and stylish while also being modest; modest fashion is not a limitation. It is also not something that is boring and static; it is growing and evolving every day, and here at Covered Girl Chronicles not only do we highlight this change, but we embrace it. 

I have always been fascinated and interested in all things culture, art, and expression, and because of this, I have designed the Covered Girl Chronicles website in such a way that I am able to express and develop myself as a cultural intermediary, an innovator, and an impact maker but also share my journey and the journey of others with the world. It’s about authenticity and integrity here at Covered Girl Chronicles

To learn more about the values and the "Why" of Covered Girl Chronicles, as well as the vision and mission of this brand, blog, and business, click Learn More below. 

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